Statement Of Bishop Rodimer

I am pleased to welcome my successor Bishop Arthur J. Serratelli as the seventh Bishop of Paterson.  I am most grateful to Almighty God for inspiring our Holy Father Pope John Paul II and everyone who had anything to do with bringing Bishop Arthurs name to the Holy Fathers attention.  No matter who they were, it was the Successor of Saint Peter who gave the nod and at the same time gave the Church of Paterson an outstanding shepherd.

Its pro forma, I suppose, to speak positively about ones successor, but I mean it when I say that our Bishop Arthur as I along with all the priests in the diocese will refer to him within Mass once he is officially installed, is a good priest, a brilliant scholar, a humble down-to-earth bishop who will be right at home in Paterson in no time.  In fact, he has been right at home here for some time.  He has assisted in one of our parishes for many years.  Imagine that!, a bishop from outside the diocese, though, of course, from one right next door, who has helped out in one of our Passaic parishes.  Such things dont happen very often.

Bishop Serratelli has had an influence on the lives and spirituality of more people in the Diocese of Paterson than even he knows through the priests of our diocese he has directed and has taught in his Scripture courses in the seminary. 

Now he is to be the teacher in Jesus name of all the Church of Patersons members.


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